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How to find the volume of construction

In the context of strong competition prevailing in the Russian construction market, there is the problem of finding large quantities of construction orders. As practice shows, there are two categories of participants in this market - "veterans" with the name of the experience, connections and resources and beginners taking their first steps and that all this will only gain. Of course, that their concerns are more this problem.

How to find the volume of construction

Instruction how to find the volume of construction

Step 1:

Search construction volumes - is primarily a search for information about the possible orders and volumes of work. To get this information, you have to establish contacts with the representatives of national, regional, business structures, and regularly meets with the official reports of the tenders, auctions and tenders for the implementation of state and municipal orders. For information you can also learn from outdoor advertising, advertising in the media and on the Internet.

Step 2:

Take the time to open the theme directory and ring up the construction division of promising sectors of the economy in your region. In addition to the search of treasured volumes, you have to seriously invest on its own advertising in the same media, the Internet and through telemarketing. Try, if possible, take part in exhibitions and to present her completed projects you.

Step 3:

Commercial information in the construction industry is mainly concentrated in the information, consulting and marketing firms to get you can only on a fee basis. However, a little information. Be prepared to present evidence of the potential customer experience and the company's image, photos of completed projects, customer feedback, the possibility of its technical base.

Step 4:

Keep in mind that you may have to work under the terms of the minimum advance payment, and even the letter of credit, that is, in fact, you will be wasting their money, which will be returned only after the work is completed.

Step 5:

Do not exclude the possibility that you will be offered to work at the lowest price. Be sure to provide the customer of its leading specialists. And finally convince him on your financial solvency by presenting the corresponding certificate from the banks with whom you had a chance to cooperate.