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How to find the volume of the tube

The calculation of the volume of a body - this is one of the classic problems of applied science. Such calculations are often required in engineering. To find the volume of the tube is sufficient to produce a series of mathematical operations.

How to find the volume of the tube

You will need:

- Calculator.

Instruction how to find the volume of the tube

Step 1:

Measure internal or external pipe diameter, and the length of the circumference of the cross section.

Step 2:

Find the radius of the tube - R. If you want to calculate the internal volume, you must find the inner radius. To calculate the volume, which covers the body, you need to calculate the outer radius. Divide the diameter by two. R = D / 2. You can also use the length of the section: R = L / 6,28318530. There of L - is the length of a circle, and the number - Pi twice.

Step 3:

Calculate the cross-sectional area of ​​the pipe. The value of the radius squared, multiply it on Pi. Cross-sectional area will be expressed in the same units as the radius value. For example, the radius is represented in inches. In this case, the sectional area is expressed in square centimeters. The formula used to calculate the cross-sectional area: S = R2 * Pi, where S - the area is sought, and R2 - radius.

Step 4:

Find the volume of the pipe. To do this, multiply the length of the pipe in the area of ​​its cross section. Formula: V = S * L, where V - is the volume of the tube, S - sectional area, L - length.

Step 5:

Similarly, the volume of all the pipes get (if they have different diameters).