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How to fix a leak in the basement

It has been observed that in most cases the owners of country houses all his powers rush to elevation adjacent to the cottage area, wall insulation and decoration of the facade. But somehow overlooked one important point - Upgrading of underground facilities, due to which the water in the basement there, and the house walls dampen.

How to fix a leak in the basement

You will need:

- pipes; - welding machine; - Waterproofing materials; - Manual drill.

Instruction how to fix a leak in the basement

Step 1:

To start, determine the source of the problem. It can occur for various reasons: cracks in the foundation of the building, poor quality or improperly executed waterproofing, no drainage, sewer flows, etc. The exact reason why it is easier to find a way to solve the problem.

Step 2:

So, to find that leak in the basement due to a gust of passing through the pipeline to proceed immediately to replace the pipe. Shut off the water, remove the leaking pipe section and replace it with a new one.

Step 3:

If the humidity in the basement is due to seepage of groundwater, without proper waterproofing does not deal with the problem. There are two ways to create a structural waterproofing: horizontal and vertical. Perform horizontal waterproofing the basement in the event that in the strip foundation building. This protective barrier, lying across the basement walls, residential floors will protect against the ingress of moisture. In turn, the vertical waterproofing will protect from penetration into the basement of groundwater and precipitation.

Step 4:

Equip basement drainage system. As a general rule, the installation of drainage wells is carried out in the construction phase, but there are exceptions to the rule. Well drilled with a hand drill five to six meter hole: by performing this operation, you will be able to accurately determine the depth at which the sand lies the mainland. Due to the presence of these drainage holes, water will not accumulate in the basement, and will be free to leave.