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How to fix the creaking sofa

Unfortunately, it is often enough that quite youngish and having quite a decent appearance of the sofa begins to emit unpleasant sounds in any attempt to sit or lie down on it. How to fix the creaking of the sofa?

How to fix the creaking sofa

You will need:

- pliers; - Flat-blade screwdriver - Joiner's glue; - Screws; - Furniture stapler; - Marker; - Batting; - Grease and motor oil; - rag

Instruction how to fix the creaking sofa

Step 1:

The cause of creaking in the sofas is wear, loosening and displacement of the individual elements of the wooden frame. As a result, staples and nails, fastening parts, begin to speak and rub against the tree. It is this friction, and is accompanied by an unpleasant creaking sound. Unfortunately, a little earlier or a little later, this problem occurs with virtually any furniture. In order to get rid of the squeak is necessary to disassemble the sofa.

Step 2:

Pry alternately all metal brackets that are attached to the interior of your sofa wooden frame, flat-head screwdriver.

Step 3:

Remove the bracket, using pliers and remove the trim.

Step 4:

Carefully read the "innards" of the sofa. Take a marker and mark the location on the frame of the spring unit. Carefully remove the box spring, foam and other fillers.

Step 5:

Take a picture or draw a schematic position of the frame parts. This is necessary in order not to be mistaken in its subsequent assembly.

Step 6:

Completely disassemble the frame, separating the elements from each other, and remove all staples and nails.

Step 7:

Assemble the frame parts. During assembly it is necessary to glue all the joints, and then fix them with screws.

Step 8:

Lay the batting between the sofa base and the box spring. This will prevent the friction spring on the base.

Step 9:

Collect the frame in the reverse sequence, according to the circuit or a photo made earlier.

Step 10:

Lay the spring assembly in place, focusing on to make a mark. Attach the upholstery.

Step 11:

To eliminate the squeak in the furniture with metal frames lubricate its parts lubricating oil or grease. Remove the mattress from the sofa and carefully promazhte all connections. Spread and stack bed several times to the liquid has penetrated into the movable structural members. Gently wipe off excess lubricant with a cloth or paper towel.