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How to get free electricity

Receive free electricity is not always associated with deception. If the amount of energy that is necessary to develop, small, or it is an experiment to get electricity for free and can be without violating the law.

How to get free electricity

Instruction how to get free electricity

Step 1:

Buy a flashlight with an integrated electric generator. Try not to run into a fake: sometimes under the guise of conventional lamps are sold with batteries, a generator is a sham. Do not confuse them with combined lights, where with the help of a switch you can select the power mode: Battery or generator. Gently having disassembled the lantern, print out the wires from the generator, and then assemble the device in reverse order. Now, the outside connecting the rectifier with a filter, you can generate electricity for matching supply voltage low-power loads. If the lamp is used instead of a bike with a generator, you have to use a half-wave rectifier, since one of the conclusions of the dynamo is connected to the bicycle frame.

Step 2:

Take the electric motor from a children's toy and push it to the propeller shaft diameter of about 15 centimeters. In the wind, this design will produce electricity. Although the output voltage of the motor and a constant, but it is pulsating. Simply connect filter capacitor in parallel to such a generator is not enough, you need a half-wave rectifier, a warning capacitor discharge through the motor in the intervals between pulses. If the device is planned to charge the batteries, the rectifier is also needed (it will replace the reverse current relay), as well as require a resistor or lamp for the charge current limit to an acceptable value.

Step 3:

Solar panels, has a high efficiency in the home can not be manufactured. We can only do inefficient solar cell to a copper oxide, or buy ready-made silicon solar battery, or connected in parallel many diodes in glass cases, good light-transmitting (for example, type D2). A solar cell generates a voltage of about 0.5 V and a maximum load current of the device depends on the area. , Connect the elements in parallel, and to get more power to get more current - consistently. Allowed and combined in series-parallel connection, which allows to increase the voltage and current. If the solar panel will charge the battery as in the above case, consider a diode, warning the battery discharge through the solar, when there is no light, and the current limiting resistor or a light bulb.

Step 4:

To make a thermocouple, take two copper wires, each of them ignited in the flame of a candle to them turned oxide layer, and then secure them to the refractory holder diagonally so that they barely touch each other at the intersection point. Heat one of the hot wire and the second leave of cold - stress appears. When chaining a number of tens of thermocouples, they can be led to nourish, and if they heat the burning debris, the electricity generated by them will be free. However, the efficiency of such a facility will extremely low.