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How to get out of the cooperative

A member of the cooperative has the ability to get out of it at any time without explanation. In this case, society is obliged to return the full amount of shares for a former member of the cooperative and realize other benefits, which are provided by the cooperative charter.

How to get out of the cooperative

You will need:

- written notice to the chairman of the cooperative name.

Instruction how to get out of the cooperative

Step 1:

Write an application to the President to withdraw from the cooperative. Be sure to do so no later than two weeks before the expected date of release. This period is provided for registration of your output and regulated by legislative acts of the Russian Federation.

Step 2:

On the day of release from the cooperative will receive payments of wages. This is only possible if you do not continue working in a cooperative as an employee.

Step 3:

Get all of the cooperative referred to in this case, the payment of the Charter, including the amount equal to the cost of making you share when joining the cooperative. As a rule, the payment of a contribution has withdrawn member of the cooperative is made after the end of the fiscal year, and after approval of the annual balance sheet.