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How to get rid of pigeons on the balcony

Pigeons often chained our opinion, but we rarely think about what they can bring a lot of inconveniences. What if these birds have chosen your balcony and there platted its nest with all its consequences?

How to get rid of pigeons on the balcony

You will need:

foil, plywood, nails, CDs

Instruction how to get rid of pigeons on the balcony

Step 1:

Frighten claim your balcony birds. Cut the foil strips and attach to the balcony. Glare and rustling scare off birds, and they are less willing to seek to spend their time on your balcony.

Step 2:

Attach to the wall and the outer part of the balcony CD-disks. they are not as popular now, so it is hardly a dozen disks will be a big loss. Reflecting in the sunlight they will repel birds.

Step 3:

If you do not often go out onto the balcony, then add to the foil and plywood discs with hammered nails into it fully. Do not think that this is a manifestation of rigidity: pigeons remain intact. But your actions will help to ensure that uninvited guests will not feel comfortable enough and will soon find another place for nesting.

Step 4:

Get on special markets or in stores to trap pigeons. Nowadays you will find various variations thereof. Pigeons rather primitive creation and do not differ wit, so lure them into the trap of this kind will not be easy. And, considering that our urban pigeons greatly accustomed to humans and are more trusting than the wild, the task of "luring" in traps is simplified considerably.

Step 5:

Refer to special municipal services, including the responsibility of monitoring the population of pigeons. They will help you get rid of unscrupulous feathered neighbors, because, in fact, this neighborhood is not safe for the health of both children and adults.

Step 6:

After a fight with the pigeons, took a fancy to your balcony, your victory was completed, be sure to thoroughly clean the space won back by law and always bring the nest unusable state bird. This is necessary to ensure that they are not back again, and this is quite often the case.