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How to get rid of spiders in the apartment

Spiders in the house, according to popular belief, brings the owners good luck, prosperity and good news. And yet, with the invasion of spiders in the house we have to fight in different ways, especially since these insects reproduce rather quickly and can deliver a great deal of discomfort, both adults and children.

How to get rid of spiders in the apartment

You will need:

- means "butoxy 50"; - acetic acid; - Means "Neoron".

Instruction how to get rid of spiders in the apartment

Step 1:

Carefully inspect all corners of the apartment in search of spider nests. It is here that they laid eggs. They look nest like small balls, covered with cobwebs on top. Remove any that find. A popular place for the device of their homes spiders on baseboards, in cracks, under the sills and other flat places. It is advisable to conduct an audit of suspicious places in one day.

Step 2:

To spiders do not come back, ventilation and air vents tighten dense mesh.

Step 3:

Get in pet shop means "butoxy 50". Read the instructions, then sprinkle by spraying all corners and places of possible accumulation of spiders. Do not go in the room for 15 minutes.

Step 4:

Maintain the cleanliness of the apartment, regularly ventilate and humidify the air (spiders do not like dampness and drafts). You can handle any type of room repellent.

Step 5:

Take a long stick or handle of a mop or broom, wrap it with a towel or cloth end and secure with duct tape. For greater effect, drizzle with a towel Reid, and then in a circular motion to wind the web. Very important it is to reel the web, rather than tear it away and just because spiders have become entangled in it. Throw the rag with cobwebs gathered in the bucket for waste and immediately made in the trash on the street.

Step 6:

From time to time passes vacuuming the corners, baseboards, upholstered furniture, window sills and moldings. Immediately clean or dispose of the bag with dust.

Step 7:

Place dish in an area where there are often spiders, and pour it into acetic acid. Let the dish stand up at least a day or two.

Step 8:

Cut the stems of reed or cane to the place where the panicle begins, and make of them a bundle. Walk this broom in all corners of suspicious apartment. Reed brooms not only clean the dust, but also crush spiders.

Step 9:

It means "Neoron" is used for the rapid elimination of spiders. However, it is more commonly used in large enterprises and in agriculture, rather than in a dwelling.