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How to get rid of the cane

As a result of the spread of reeds overgrow fertile land, dry and swamp streams and lakes. Fight with reeds difficult, but necessary. For active struggle suitable chemical and physical destruction methods.

How to get rid of the cane

Instruction how to get rid of the cane

Step 1:

The chemical method involves the use of herbicides for dicotyledonous weeds, in particular means of "Roundup". This tool is applicable both on land and in coastal areas. To use the herbicide in the areas of water bodies should be diluted with 200 g of "Roundup" by 7 liters of water and sprayed so as to remain the dew on the leaves of cane. Use the "Roundup" in the garden can be provided that the reed has emerged from the ground. Roundup affects the upper part of the plant does not give her to grow and multiply.

Step 2:

The chemical methods of combating reeds applies its destruction by fire. The area occupied by the plant, poured gasoline and set on fire. However, it should burn at least an hour, as bulrush has long branched roots. And the fire situation the last few years in the middle lane prevents resort to such drastic method, although it is very efficient.

Step 3:

The physical destruction techniques reeds relates his mowing. After reed develops and multiplies over the soil. Therefore, an effective way to combat it is considered mowing reeds in early spring, when its leaves, and the fall in their re-emergence.

Step 4:

Another way to combat the reeds on the garden plots is draining soil and deoxidation as reeds freely in moist and acidic soil. To do this, dig drainage ditches along the entire plot, cane is selected from the soil by hand, together with the root, and the ground is not watered for a long time, and treated with an alkali-lime mortar.

Step 5:

To destroy the reeds in the pond, it is also mow in the spring and fall to 10 cm below the water level. Water enters the stem bulrush, and it rots on the vine. The downside of this method is clogging the coastal territory of the remnants of reeds, which is inconvenient for swimming or fishing.

Step 6:

If the pond is large enough, then clean it using dredgers that blur the roots of reeds at a depth of 30-50cm and remove the weed from the bottom with silt deposits. Thus the pond deeper, clean the springs, updated its ecosystem.