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How to get rid of the smell of rats

Many pet lovers today with pleasure bred rats and say it's smart and funny neat creatures that delight their owners devotion and simplicity. In addition, the modern domestic rats are quite diverse in appearance, there are even curly.

How to get rid of the smell of rats

Instruction how to get rid of the smell of rats

Step 1:

Rats are kept in cages. And, like all animals, have their own peculiar smell. People living with rats in the same room, can no longer perceive him to sniff. However, the new person always feels kind of musk rats.

Step 2:

I must say that the reasons for this are several odor. First, rat mark their territory. How females and males. Also labeled rat and their owners. As they say, whom I love, and of the sword. In addition, it is the smell a rat establish a hierarchy in their community, if one cell lives a few individuals. The "cooler" the rat, the more it smells. In addition, it is the smell of animals attract the opposite sex, boys - girls and naoborot.Vo Second, a strong smell of rat in the house appears when the soiled litter in the cage. It is necessary to pets and eat and sleep, and go to the toilet in the same meste.V Third, the rat start to smell bad when the wrong feeding or illness. Therefore, eating you want to get rid of the strong smell of musk rats, wash your hands and wipe with a damp cloth all the places where your rat walked out of the cell.

Step 3:

In time clean the cage and replace it in the litter. The cells can be washed with hot water and handle it with soda ash. The use as bedding straw or hay, and some krysolyuby used cat (!) A filler, such as "Katsan".

Step 4:

Watch out for the health of their pet. Do not let her bad food, feed special food with vitamins. At the first sign of disease (sneezing, lethargy), please contact your veterinarian.

Step 5:

Rats do not need to bathe. On cleanliness they are superior to cats. There are some individuals who love the water. But basically, if you like to tinker with the rat in the water, this should be done not more than 1 time per month. And do not expect that your pet will be less smell after water procedures. On the contrary, as soon as it dries, it begins with a vengeance mark territory and its fur to smell like a real rat!