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How to get rid of white spots on clothing

White spots on the clothes often appear after using deodorant. Delete them immediately better, or even after several machine washings they can stay. Chronic and stubborn marks from using deodorant spoil not only the appearance of clothing appearance, but also the structure of the tissue from which it is made.

How to get rid of white spots on clothing

Instruction how to get rid of white spots on clothing

Step 1:

There are some folk remedies remove white spots on clothing. The basic principle is that they must be removed gradually from the edges to the center.

Step 2:

If you just put a stain on your favorite shirt, you will plain water. It should be wet palm and gradually treat the contaminated area and then dry it with the help of an iron place.

Step 3:

Before you clean clothes, it is better to walk on the place of dirt with a brush or a wet cloth around it, not to leave visible spots borders after washing. Using any pyatnovyvodyaschim tool, you must first test it on a small inconspicuous to the eye apparel section, to ensure the safety of the drug in relation specifically to the type of fabric.

Step 4:

Some advised to use to remove traces of deodorant most ordinary dishwashing detergent. You can use glycerine soap, vinegar or ammonia (for chronic spots) or ordinary table salt. It can also be used to soak soiled items, making the solution at a ratio of two parts water to one part of salt.

Step 5:

In addition, today there are so many different stain removers to simply add in the wash. If the stain velos already very strong and it can not even wash out even with special tools, it is possible to rub his gruel of washing powder with water, and then soak the item for a few hours, putting one part of powder to two parts water.

Step 6:

To avoid the appearance of white spots on clothing and further problems with their disposal, it is necessary to use deodorants correctly. Sprays applied to clean, dry skin, relegating tank for fifteen to twenty centimeters. Then, before you put on, you need to give a deodorant dry. Aerosols dry one and a half minutes, and ball bearings and solid deodorants little longer - three to four minutes.