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How to get rid of yellow ants

Home or Pharaoh ants are a real headache for everyone who has ever come across them. The appearance of these insects in the house, on the site gives a lot of problems, complicating the life of a man. Ants can live and dwell in any room where there is a good heating system: homes, nurseries, hospitals, food facilities. For them, no problem occur even in high-rise and high-rise buildings.

How to get rid of yellow ants

You will need:

- solution of sodium tetraborate; - Sugar or honey; - glycerol

Instruction how to get rid of yellow ants

Step 1:

Favourite localization of ants - this inaccessible place on the premises: in the walls under plaster, tiles, for cladding, under the linoleum, the walls between the boards and the floor, etc. Therefore, one of the most effective methods of combating household ants yellow is the use of insecticide-bait food composition. Given that the procedure should be carried out simultaneously in all the apartments and rooms of the building, agree with neighbors about the possibility of this event.

Step 2:

The main component in baits for ants extermination yellows solution a powder or sodium tetraborate (borax). To manufacture the composition using a clean glass or enamel bowl. Heat over low heat 100 ml. of water to a temperature of 60 ° C, add 1 h. l. solution of sodium tetraborate (borax) or the same volume of boric acid solution for 4 hours. l. glycerol, table 3-4. l. sugar and 2 hours. l. honey. The mixture was continuously stir until all ingredients are dissolved completely. Ready to pour the bait in any clean containers small, set up in places where ants. Use bait for 1-3 weeks. After some time again.

Step 3:

To prepare the dry mix composition of 9 parts powdered sugar with 1 part of dehydrated borax. Or, instead of sugar mash 1 egg yolk, boiled previously boiled with 5 g of borax. Lay also in places where there is a large number of ants or their paths. You can cook meat bait and. To do this, take 2 tbsp. l. minced meat, add 0.5 hours. l. borax powder. Mix and spread out like the previous baits.

Step 4:

Also repels ants smell of elderberry leaves, sage, wild mint, sunflower oil, leaves, elderberry, wild mint and sage. Use as an alternative method and these means.

Step 5:

Be sure to carry out a thorough cleaning of premises after the fight with yellow ants.

Step 6:

If, after all the events you can not find the proper effect, please refer to the specialists of disinfection services.