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How to get the first, early cucumber on a windowsill

Today the stores are selling cucumbers all year round, but all the grown cucumber on your screen will bring more fun. These cucumbers cucumber with a pronounced aroma and amazing taste. They are more nutritious than their purchase-brothers. lettuce quality, made from cucumbers grown, will pleasantly surprise your family.

How to get the first, early cucumber on a windowsill

Instruction how to get the first, early cucumber on a windowsill

Step 1:

For the cultivation of cucumber on the windowsill choose self-pollinated seeds (parthenocarpic), otherwise you will have to manually pollinate the flower stigmas, and it is difficult and not always accurately. For cultivation in the room conditions suitable varieties such as Claudia, Marinda, Masha, Zozulya, April. To start seeds etched "zircon" solution and placed in a container with a damp cloth, where the seeds will germinate. Seeds germination hatch at temperatures from 25 to 30 degrees.

Step 2:

Soil mix for cucumber cook hard, it is better to use the purchase soil. But if you decide to self-production of the substrate, it is prepared in view of the high fertility: we take equal parts of manure humus, sod land, peat, rotted sawdust. The whole mixture was thoroughly mixed and wet warm up in the oven for 15-20 minutes at a temperature of 180 ° C. On the ground are making a bucket of cooled 1 cup of wood ashes, 1 tablespoon of NPK.

Step 3:

Choose containers for planting depth of 15-20 cm with holes for drainage of excess water, fill with soil to a depth of 1/2 of the container. Later during the growing season will have more than once to pour the soil in the container. Fill the container with soil, shed profusely the entire soil layer of hot (40 - 50 ° C) water. In the center make a shallow crescent and put it germinated seeds of cucumber, sleeps loose, moist soil. Not watering planting, are building parnichok cellophane and set, before the advent of germs, in a warm room where the temperature must be kept within 23-25ºS. When the container seedlings seem set on a bright, warm windowsill, preventing drafts. Temperature for growing cucumber should fluctuate in the aisles: the day - and night 20-22ºS - 15-16ºS.

Step 4:

Cucumbers are very heat-loving and light-requiring, choose south window for the cultivation of this crop, the south-western and south-eastern direction. If crop cucumber culture came at an earlier date, must also dosvechivat fluorescent lamps. Highlighting is performed after germination, including the lamp is not 8-10 hours to 7-8 hours in the morning. Watering daily dressings with 12 days.

Step 5:

Timely and correct a garter formation of culture will bring a considerable amount of fruit. Formation is carried out in a single stem, all of which form a mustache cut unnecessary. Side shoots coming from the axils of leaves plucked the first order, with the shoots of the second order received is similar. Escape the third and fourth-order break out at a height above the ovary appeared with a sheet. Then escape the fifth and sixth-order break out above, a second sheet and the second ovary. And so do the following shoots, gradually increasing the length of the shoot on one sheet and one stuck. At a height of 1.5 meters from the top of the container break out of the main stem. Between the fruiting cucumber fed every 6-8 days with a solution of "Ideal", "Humate" or NPK. Do not forget to arrange a shower from a spray, cucumber likes high humidity, but not like a draft. With the growth and development of plants start to be seen on the surface of the roots, they definitely fall asleep. Podsypaya soil from the stem begin to form additional roots, and this additional revenue for the power plant. Do not forget to turn the seedlings at 180 degrees for uniform building mass.