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How to glaze a balcony: choose your option

Most people have traditionally used the balcony as a warehouse of unnecessary stuff, and it's easy to change the space, turning it into a cozy, functional area. If you need protection from external noise, dust and rain, and heat in the house and additional useful area, then the best solution is glazed balcony. But how to choose the glazing, which materials are preferred?

How to glaze a balcony: choose your option

It all depends on what are your plans for this area. If your goal is only the noise-and-waterproofing of space, we can restrict the so-called "cold glazed".

Cold glazed balcony

Under this option, set the frame with a single glass, so the difference between the temperature on the balcony "overboard" will be insignificant. Cold glazed save you from wind, dust and rain, but do not hold heat and will not provide a good sound insulation. But this option does not require significant resources and is suitable for glazing balconies of old, not withstand the weight of massive structures. In addition, cold glazed saves space.

Warm balcony glazing

If you plan to use the balcony all year round and dream of comfort, you will need to install a warm glazing. This option allows you to turn a balcony into a full living room with the same temperature as in the whole house. You can combine a loggia with a room and thus increase the useful area of ​​the apartment if you wish. For additional insulation owners often mounted on the balcony floor heating. For insulated balcony can be arranged office, smash greenhouse equipped gym or do a little welcoming spalenki.

When heat is used glazing frames with double glazing and insulated with special thermal barrier inside the structure. Multi-chamber double-glazed windows ensure your home is not only excellent thermal insulation, but also an excellent sound insulation. Among the shortcomings of warm glazing can be noted the high cost of the material and the impossibility of the device on soft concrete slabs with low bearing capacity.

How to choose the right material?

Wooden frames

 Modern wooden frames are ecologically clean not only the material but also the coating, which is used exclusively for water-soluble paints and varnishes. Manufacturing techniques of wooden profile markedly improved, so that modern frame do not crack, and have high strength. Price wooden frames depends on the type of wood from which they are made. Natural and environmentally friendly wood retains heat well, it looks aesthetically and do not require special care, but it at least once a year it is necessary to paint the frame from the outside in order to avoid cracks.

Aluminum frames

Typically, the aluminum profile is used to cool the glazing, because that metal is bad keeps warm. Nevertheless, there is an alternative - a "warm" aluminum profile with "thermal break". It is made using a special technology by pressing, thereby acquires a high heat resistance. Aluminium glazing has a low weight and saves space, since basically performed with sliding doors. Among other advantages include the ability to order the right color profile, and, if necessary, to update it with powder paint. Aluminum profile is robust and durable, it is resistant to temperature changes and corrosion.

Plastic frames

PVC profiles for many years remain the same favorites, because have the perfect combination of price and quality and are allocated a number of undoubted superiority over other materials. First of all, this is an excellent acoustic insulation and high thermal insulation properties. When plastic glazing loggia there is always the possibility of adjustment under any shape and size of the window. Today, PVC - profiles are presented in a huge variety of species, so you can easily select the desired color scheme and configuration. Plastic frames can be made warm and poluteploe balcony glazing area, they look stylish, aesthetically pleasing and durable in operation.