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How to glue the floor tiles

Beautifully looks premises floors (especially the bathrooms and toilets), lined with floor tiles. In the present range of diversity tiles is easy to pick up the color scheme of the room to your taste (usually sold already collated floor and wall tiles). For gluing tiles can be called the master, and you can make some efforts and make the repairs yourself.

How to glue the floor tiles

You will need:

- tile (ceramic or stoneware); - Notched trowel (8 mm tooth height); - Tile adhesive for tiles ( "Craps", "Plitonit", "Forward", etc.); - Container and a mixer for mixing the cement slurry (if the tile is placed on cement); - Level; - Primer; - Crosses tile 3-5 mm.

Instruction how to glue the floor tiles

Step 1:

Determined to lay the floor of a room floor tiles, it is necessary to first calculate the necessary amount. The size of the standard tiles 30x30 cm, therefore, the area of ​​one tile - 0.09 square meters. Dividing the area of ​​the premises by 0.09, we obtain the required number of tiles. To these must be added the 5% because must take into account the possible failure and cropping of individual tiles.

Step 2:

Acquired tiles are soaked in water for 8-10 hours to impregnate it and removing moisture from air pores. This will improve the adhesion (adhesion) to put out by the tile surface. After soaking the tile dried for 0.5-1 hours, spread it on the floor.

Step 3:

Further purified from dust floor surface and an inner surface of the tile. If necessary, the floor primed to level dents or other irregularities. Before starting a label, you need to spread out all the tiles on the floor and see how it will look, where you want to trim individual tiles. Do not cut the tiles to be placed at the entrance to the premises and in the open field: here should be based on whole specimens, so as not to spoil the aesthetic effect. The most common tiles are laid parallel to the walls, but sometimes choosing the diagonal method of laying. This method is more decorative, but also more difficult to implement, since It requires very precise floor layout. In addition, we have to cut the large number of tiles.

Step 4:

Notched trowel applied to the floor adhesive or cement (a layer no thicker than 7-8 mm), and begin to lay the tiles row by row, using the level. The joints are inserted to separate crosses tile joints.

Step 5:

The last stage of laying tile floor - tile grout joints special grout with a rubber spatula. The remains of grout carefully removed with a damp sponge or cloth foam.