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How to glue the glass

Various methods are used for the decoration of the room. Recently, pasting wall wallpaper again came into vogue. In today's market of construction and finishing materials offer a huge selection of wallpaper, paper, vinyl, non-woven, duplex, triplex, etc. It's all over, with the wallpaper is very easy to work, and a variety of choices allows you to make interesting and original interior solutions.

How to glue the glass

Instruction how to glue the glass

Step 1:

A separate position in the wallpaper range covers glass. This is not just a wallpaper, and not only the wallpaper. Fiberglass - this is a special coating for the walls and ceiling that can be reinforced surface, hide flaws plastering cracks. It is durable, eco-friendly, hypoallergenic, non-reactive, fireproof. No wonder the walls of many hospitals and child care centers, office buildings are covered with fiberglass. Fiberglass is used as a primary coating, which can then be repeatedly painted various types of paints.

Step 2:

For papering the walls and ceiling glass buy special glue for fiberglass. Finished already divorced adhesives dry mixes better. But much more expensive. The glass is different in density and smoothness. For interior decoration better take wallpaper density 25--35gm.

Step 3:

Prepare wall to glass glueing. Remove old wallpaper, paint. Zashpaklyuyte slit holes. Before gluing surfaces prime with conventional primer, for example, Tserezitom.

Step 4:

To work with glass need roller and gloves. Dilute the adhesive according to the instructions and apply glue to the roller surface. Apply adhesive fiberglass and how to straighten it. Over again, apply a coat of paint roller glue, wait until it is absorbed. Adhesive residues collect spatula. Wait until the glass dry.

Step 5:

Depending on the further use of the surface, it is possible to paint or putty any paint. Rough fiberglass putty better further. Smooth - can be painted immediately.

Step 6:

Do not bend optical fiber through the outer edge. It does not stretch, going wrinkles and bubbles. Complex configuration of surfaces better hang separately cut into chunks. Fiberglass is easy to cut, it is one of its advantages. Another advantage of this type of coating is its versatility. Those. glass fibers can stick to any surface, stone, tile, drywall.