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How to grow a cherry

Cherry loved by all gardeners for abundant harvests and a pleasant, slightly sour taste of the berries. Two or three decades ago, the most common varieties, occurring on private land, were "Vladimir" and cherries "Lubsko". Now, not only increased the number grades, but also forms. For example, now quite common to see a felt cherry - small trees (up to 1-1.5 m in height) with a lot of berries. Another new species - Cherry creeping.

How to grow a cherry

You will need:

- The soil; - Fertilizers; - Seedlings; - Water; - Shovel; - Watering.

Instruction how to grow cherry

Step 1:

Purchase seedlings. It is better not to do it on the market, but in a special nursery, which are responsible for compliance with the varietal planting material. When choosing varieties, be sure to ask whether they need cross-pollinators. Unfortunately, most in need of cherry trees bearing fruit and the pair will not be without. Another important aspect - the state of the seedlings. Carefully inspect for a discharge of the cortex, and other evidence of disease.

Step 2:

Prepare a pit cherries. If you are planting a tall tree - for example, "Zhukovskaya" or "Memory Yenikeyeva" reaching three meters or more in height, - for their root system needed well in 1 cubic meter For less tall cherry - just 50-60 cubic meters. cm. Remove the top layer of fertile soil, put in strontium. Fill the hole bark of deciduous trees, small branches and other plant debris about two-thirds the height. Good tamp. The next layer may consist of sawdust or chips from remaining in the area of ​​chores. Then put a layer of rotted manure.

Step 3:

Make a hole in the landing a small hill. Place the tree so that the trunk fell on the top of the mound and the roots straighten on its slopes. Fill the fertile land, which at the time was postponed. Good tamp that the roots are not formed unwanted voids. Liberally pour using a splitter. Under each seedling should be poured at least a bucket of water.

Step 4:

Pour, loose and fertilize young cherries at least twice a month. The better will be your care of it, the higher the yield will cherry in the future. As a rule, the first berries can be expected next year. At the time of fruiting wood enters the third year after planting. If you are growing the cherries in an area where there are cold winters with little snow - sure to make frame shelter. Otherwise there is a risk that the tree is frozen.