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How to grow a forest

If you set out to not only put a single tree in your life, and grow a real forest, you can not do without a small nursery. This nursery will not require a large area, it can be created on the school grounds, and even in the country. All that is required - a few square meters of land, little effort and constant attention. It will take two to three years, and you will have seedlings that can give rise to present the full forest.

How to grow a forest

Instruction how to grow a forest

Step 1:

You need to grow seedlings of this size, which would allow them to avoid competition from the grasses that grow in your area. Usually it is the height of seedlings in half-meter. Some tree species (eg, birch) give plants of this size in one or two years. If you have to plant the seedlings in an area with high grass, they need to grow up to 1 m in height. Of course, different plants and trees require different growing time.

Step 2:

Slower growing seedlings of other broad-leaved trees (linden, ash, maple and elm). In not the most favorable conditions to get suitable for landing a permanent place of seedlings can be in 3-4 years. These rocks are easier to tolerate a transplant to a new location, in comparison, say, with the fast-growing oak seedlings. Of coniferous species as larch grows fastest, which also tolerates transplant. Much slower growing spruce.

Step 3:

The first and most important stage in the creation of the nursery - the tab "sowing division". This will be the beds, which will grow seedlings, plants the first year of life. Choose a site that is free of weed roots. It will be important as proper preparation of the soil.

Step 4:

Determine what area is required for sowing seeds. This will depend on the required number of trees. Ensure supply of 10-20% in case of the possible death of seedlings. So if you are planning a spring Forest Day for high school students, of which there are 50 people in the school, at the rate of two or three trees planted on each student, you will need 150 seedlings. With the stock is the number should be increased to 180-200 pieces.

Step 5:

In an area of ​​1 square meter can be grown in two-three years the following number of seedlings suitable for subsequent transplantation: birch - 200-300; pine, larch - 300-400; oak, maple - 60-100.

Step 6:

Having determined the sowing area, prepare the soil. The site should be well lit (shading impairs growth), with fertile soil, not flooded during the rainy season. Preferably, light sandy or loamy soil.

Step 7:

Dig site to the full depth of the bayonet spade. The bed should have a width of not more than 70 cm for easy weeding. Dig up the ground loop through the hands, removing the roots of weeds. This is best done in the fall and again in the spring, before the sowing of seeds.

Step 8:

Sowing the seeds produced in the wet after the spring thaw, but the warm soil. In central Russia the right time - the second half of April.

Step 9:

After appearing on a bed of shoots proceed to weeding, otherwise the weeds will compete with tree seedlings for water and mineral nutrition. In the first months of weeding should be done once a week. During the summer it is desirable to maintain the seedbed moist, periodically spraying it.

Step 10:

With proper care, the end of the third year, you will get large and healthy seedlings, which can be without fear for the fate of the future of the forest transplanted to a permanent place.