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How to grow a lemon

Do not discard the lemon seeds! It is better to plant, and after 2 - 3 weeks already appear shoots, of which you are at home will be able to grow fruit-bearing trees. The main thing - to put the pot on the window (you can even on the north) and, if possible, to instill in the young tree.

How to grow a lemon

You will need:

- stalk, - pots - root growth stimulator - sand, - film or bank - spray, - a container of water for humidification - slurry - sawdust, - ash - mineral feed, - foam or insulation material.

Instruction on how to grow a lemon

Step 1:

Fruits of the plants emerged from seeds, it is possible to wait for 8 - 30 years! It is long, so often to the crown-year-old trees grafted kidney or cutting of the lemon, has already begun to bear fruit. In this case, the second - the third year of lemon blossoms. Leaving one ovary 10 - 15 mature leaves, we can hope for the appearance of the fruit.

Step 2:

However, you can just buy and plant a sapling. It is desirable that the cutting age of 3 - 4 leaves was at least a year. Sharing should be treated with stimulant root growth, put into a clean river sand, and watered for several days, cover with plastic wrap or a jar.

Step 3:

The sapling is almost no need to replant. Florists are convinced that the two pots of lemon will last for a lifetime. First, the plant is placed in a container with a diameter of 20 - 25 cm, and when this capacity it would be "small", then rolled over to another - a diameter of 40 - 45 cm.

Step 4:

Lemon needs to grow in a bright place. However, in the tree should not be exposed to direct sunlight. It is best to place the plant on a windowsill. Lemon should be watered as the drying of the soil. In the heat is to spray the plant and put it next to a container of water for humidification.

Step 5:

In the summer of lemon it is best to keep the open air, and in winter to put underneath the container with the plant foam or wrap it with insulating material.

Step 6:

Lemon is fed in the spring to actively growing during this period has gained tree nutrients for future fruiting. The fertilizer can be used as manure, wood chips and ash, as well as mineral dressing, which is composed of nitrogen. It is possible to add a couple of grams of zinc or copper.