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How to grow healthy seedlings of cucumbers

The key to a great harvest of cucumbers is a high-quality seedlings. To grow it is necessary not only to comply with planting dates, but also to create all the necessary conditions for future plants.

How to grow healthy seedlings of cucumbers

And cucumbers grown in the greenhouse, and without a cover. For further planting in a greenhouse or a greenhouse in a pot with the prepared soil mixture seeded one germinated seed. If the landing is planned to be carried out in the open ground, the capacity for seedlings sown at two seed. When the seeds were too long, more than 0.5 cm, sprouts but thin, they are rejected because of their quality of plants will not grow. Seeding depth should be about 1 cm. 

While not shoots appeared, the temperature should be about 27 degrees. When the soil surface will seem first leaves, daytime temperature was lowered to 22 degrees, and the night - until 17 days later, 7-8 over temperature slightly increases. Water for irrigation of cucumber seedlings to be sure to warm.

If the plant is not enough light, they are drawn. This can be corrected as follows: the long, stem gently placed in a ring before cotyledon leaves, fall asleep soil to 2 cm thick and watered. After a few days there will be a twisted-ring stem roots. 

Seedlings cucumbers loves dressing with organic fertilizers. For this purpose, suitable dilute mullein 8 times or 10 times in chicken droppings. About two weeks after emergence can be carried out the first feeding. When the daily minimum air temperature of 12 degrees seedlings can be taken on the covered balcony or veranda. And when the air warms up to 15 degrees, the plants bring to the street.

Growing cucumbers through seedlings can be prepared earlier and friendly crops of vegetables.