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How to grow mushrooms volnushki

White and pink volnushki grows everywhere in the forests of central Russia. This salt-coating a fungus that can be collected not only in the forest, but also to grow on a country or a plot, as well as in a greenhouse or conservatory.

How to grow mushrooms volnushki

You will need:

- overgrown mushrooms; - Knife; - Water; - Sawdust; - Leaves or straw.

Instruction how to grow mushroom volnushki

Step 1:

For planting use volnushki mycelium. It can be prepared in two ways. Gather in the woods overgrown mushrooms, sharp knife, cut into small pieces and dry in the shade during the day.

Step 2:

Prepare the land for planting. Deep dig the soil, fill decomposed organic fertilizer, take a deep furrow, sow prepared material. Zamulchiruyte planting hardwoods sawdust, sprinkle the top with a thick layer of leaves. Instead of foliage can use hay or straw. Water the planting is not necessary, since the crop you will produce in the fall. volnushki mushrooms grow in late summer, so before this time it is impossible to prepare the planting material.

Step 3:

The second method of sowing. Cut overripe mushrooms into small pieces, add to the bulk container, cover with cold water. During the day, constantly stir the prepared material with the help of sticks.

Step 4:

After 24 hours, the resulting mixture evenly pour the landing place. Zamulchiruyte sawdust, shavings on top, pour a thick layer of leaves or straw.

Step 5:

Embark white volnushki in a well-lit area with low humidity. Pink volnushki need to be grown in a shady place with high humidity. Top landings rose volnushki you can lay a layer of moss.

Step 6:

Spring clean with nothing needed landings. If the site grows tall grass, then weed out her hands.

Step 7:

In the first year of harvest do not collect it, leave it up to full ripening, it will provide additional crops. From the second year, you can harvest, cutting off the mushrooms at the roots with a sharp knife.

Step 8:

Volnushki not a commercial kind of fungus, unlike oyster mushrooms and champignons. The harvest can be obtained only once a year, but cut off from one area it can be a few times, so even a small planting will make blanks for the same family for the whole year.