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How to grow oats

Grow oats can not only commercially, but also on their own plots of land and even on the windowsill. In the garden, this culture can be used for mulching and as green manure - to fertilize the soil and the "score" weeds. Grown at home or in the beds, green shoots of oats are added to the diet of animals, used for the preparation of medicinal potions. Ripe grain can be used for food, and the cut off ears to decorate the interior in the style of the country.

How to grow oats

You will need:

- The grains of oats; - Humus and ash; - Potassium permanganate and water; - A shovel and a rake; - Harrow and hoe; - Flower container; - Expanded clay; - Sawdust; - Drainage in the briquette and palm fiber (if possible); - Garden soil; - polyethylene film;

Instruction how to grow oats

Step 1:

Explore the features of cultivation of oats and care for it, before you start sowing cereal. This is not particularly fastidious culture - it is frost resistant and survives well in different soils. However, oats especially loves sunny places, and responds well to fertilizers: per square meter of the beds you make enough about 5 kg of humus and a glass ash.

Step 2:

Use as a seed only grain crops grown in your area. So they do not get sick, before sowing soak them in a weak solution of potassium permanganate for 20-30 minutes and rinse with cold water.

Step 3:

In early spring (late April-early May) proryhlit soil for planting oats and make furrows. Their depth will depend on the characteristics of the soil in your garden. If it is heavy and wet, it is sufficient to sprinkle the seeds of a layer of earth about 3 cm; with easy and fast a shrinking soil layer needs about 5, and in arid areas -. 7 cm between rows sown oats leave 10-15 cm soil slightly seal the rake, and sprinkle a little on top of sawdust for better moisture retention..

Step 4:

Trim green shoots appeared a height of about 7-10 cm for pet food or medicinal purposes. It is believed that these young shoots of oats contain the greatest amount of beneficial vitamins and minerals. If you use grass as fertilizer, then it plowed into the ground, while it is still green. It must be done a week before planting vegetable seedlings (such as peppers or tomatoes). Oats for ears do not forget harrowed during tillering - so you can help him deal with the weeds.

Step 5:

Prepare a container for growing oats in the home. The bottom of the well to cover the expanded clay or pour on it a little (about 3 cm) layer of sawdust. If you find a florist in drainage cast of palm bark, soak it and sprinkle with the second layer. Add the ground of the garden so that the top edge of the container has been idle for 4-5 cm. Cover the soil with a thick layer of oat grains and soak them with water. From above it is desirable to sprinkle a light soil. You can mix the garden land with palm fibers stores or simply filings. Finally, abundantly pour their "flower bed".

Step 6:

Cover the container with plastic wrap and put it in a dark place for a couple of days. When the first shoots of oats, place herbs on the windowsill, balcony or sundeck. As the drying of the soil watered shoots, and within a couple of weeks you will be able to release your pets a little "graze" on a bed of healing.