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How to grow onions on the greens

Fresh green onion - always a welcome guest in every home, because the vitamins in it is 3-5 times higher than in the bulb. The main rule of the rich harvest - good seeds, for seating as a better use of green mnogozachatkovye. And, of course, all conditions must be met for the cultivation and care.

How to grow onions on the greens

Instruction how to grow onions on the greens

Step 1:

Landing. Planted bulb on open ground in early spring. The soil should be loose enough. If the ground is dense, onions can not develop fully, there is a delay in the formation of roots. Planted bulb at a distance of 2-3 cm from each other. If you have made a landing in the fall, it is necessary to shower on top of a bed of fallen leaves of trees, and in the spring to fertilize the nitrogen-containing substrates.

Step 2:

Feeding. For rapid warming of the soil bed of mulch or peat humus. If the weather is cloudy outside, the rain, the cold, the beds need to shelter under plastic sheeting.

Step 3:

Watering. Onions growing in unpretentious, but excessive soil moisture leads to a watery feathers and disadvantage - for grinding and dry harvest. Remember, onions should be watered regularly, but sparingly.

Step 4:

Pests. To harvest was healthy, you need time to carry out preventive measures: watering, weeding, fertilizing, tilling and preventive pest control. 1-2 times a month spray the crop with a special solution "Zircon", which can be bought in specializing shop. If you notice the slightest damage to feathers, immediately remove them to prevent the destruction of the crop.

Step 5:

Harvesting. Collect bow on 17-25 days after transplanting in the spring and at 30-35 days after planting in the fall. Ripe onions used to prepare various salads, and as a decoration when filing a main dish.