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How to grow rosehips from the seeds

Rosehip - a shrub belonging to the family Rosaceae, which can reach a height of 2 m Its fruit -. Real storehouse of vitamins, their infusion or decoction has a tonic, anti-microbial and anti-inflammatory effect. He can often be found in the wild, but, if you wish, you can grow from the seeds of wild rose on his plot.

How to grow rosehips from the seeds

Instruction how to grow from the seeds of rose hips

Step 1:

Since dry rosehip seeds have a very strong shell, which makes them difficult to germination, before planting need to be stratified - artificially create conditions for germination. Stratification rosehip seed complicated by the fact that they can be collected at the wrong time - already matured or overripe fruit.

Step 2:

For planting choose brown fruit, began to blush, but is not yet matured. Just clean them from the pulp, pour the wet sand, fold in tightly sealed jar and store in the refrigerator.

Step 3:

To seeds have been hardened and stratification in conditions as close to natural vyseyte them into the soil in late autumn. Winter frosts, they will survive, will contribute to this. For sowing and cultivation select a loose, rich soil organic matter, often moisturizing and with a neutral reaction.

Step 4:

Soil prepare in advance - a year before the planting of rose hips. After you remove it from the roots, and other traces of her previous crop, cultivated land to a depth of 20-25 cm. If the soil is acidic, lime it.

Step 5:

To make the dressing in the prepared soil and compost manure mixed with mineral fertilizers. After the spring sown seeds will give seedlings, take care of them: loose soil, weeding, watering, and fertilize them fight pests and diseases.

Step 6:

Choose the most strong and healthy plants that need to be transplanted back into the prepared soil in the fall or early spring before the buds appear on them. Seedlings taking root in the planting hole, the size of 60 x 60 x 60 cm distance between the bushes, do at least 1 - 1,2 m. In each seat make 10-15 kg of organic fertilizers - manure and compost. Mix them with fertilizers, adding 50 g of phosphorus, 25 g of potassium, and 15 g of nitrogen. Stir all the fertilizer, before placing them in the planting hole.

Step 7:

Deal with the roots of seedlings clay mash, put in the planting hole of the fertilizer on the formed conical mound, straighten the roots well in a circle, sprinkle them with earth. Depth of planting seedlings -. 4-6 cm Seal the land around the seedling and pour it.