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How to grow your basil seeds

Basil belongs to annual spicy flavoring herbs, seeds of which many gardeners and gardeners often buy to the planting season. But grow basil seeds and stock up on them is not difficult for subsequent crops.

How to grow your basil seeds

In the non-chernozem zone of Russia in order to get your basil seeds of any kind, you first need to grow seedlings. Basil - Southern culture, so when planting seeds in the ground simply do not have time to ripen.

When it is necessary to sow the seeds for seedlings?

To get your quality basil seeds, planting seedlings will organize in mid-March. Seeds do not need any pre-soaking! it is necessary to grow about 5 ... 10 plants to obtain their seeds.

When planting seedlings in the garden?

Basil - a native of the southern warm countries and regions. Therefore, it is planted in the beds only in late May or early June. Plants at the slightest cold snap may suffer. It is not necessary to plant the seedlings in the soil is cold. The scheme of planting, between rows 30 ... 40 cm, at least 10 ... 15 cm between plants.

How to care for plants?

Basilica takes a lot of heat and light. Caring for them is quite simple. Watering during dry weather, tillage, fertilizing, if necessary. In late summer on the tips of inflorescences appear. Flowering basil white, pale pink or purple small flowers. A short cool summer for better ripening seeds can remove part of the lateral inflorescences blooming, growing from a sinus bush.

Basil is rarely damaged by pests and diseases.

Cleaning seeds

When browning and drying of faded inflorescences, proceed to the collection of seeds. The work is carried out in a dry fine day. Housekeeping is not necessary to be late, because the seeds can crumble to the ground. The inflorescences are cut, finally dried in the shade under a canopy, threshed, once removed large debris. Sorted and poured into paper bags or pouches dense tissue, and stored at room temperature.

Basil seeds retain good seed germination for 4 ... 5 years.