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How to handle a greenhouse in the fall

After collecting the harvest of cucumbers, tomatoes or other crops necessary to carry out sanitization of greenhouses. This will help to grow vegetables next year healthy and tasty.

How to handle a greenhouse in the fall

One of the most dangerous diseases of vegetables grown in greenhouses, it is Phytophthora. This fungal disease. spores winter in the soil as well as on the walls of buildings, as well as supports and garter materials. In addition, the agents of the disease on the plants overwinter well, so the first step is to remove all of the greenhouse plant residues. 

Processing greenhouses

For the treatment of greenhouses you can use different medicines. It usually fitosporin, Bordeaux mixture or sulfuric checker. Fitosporin treatment facilities is carried out at an air temperature of 10 degrees or higher, otherwise the vehicle will not help. If a greenhouse is planned to carry out the processing of sulfuric sword, in this case, you need to be especially careful, so that the smoke does not enter the lungs. All of these drugs are proven in order disinfection of greenhouses. It is important to treat all parts of the building, as well as the soil, and the track in the greenhouse.

An important point in the processing and replacement of the greenhouse is used for a new soil. It is enough, time-consuming work, but the result is worth it. It is necessary to replace the top layer of soil in a 15-20 cm. It will also get rid of Phytophthora and other fungal diseases. 

If a greenhouse is, diseased plants, they are in any case can not be buried in the ground. It does not help to improve the soil structure and enrich it with nutrients, but just the contrary, adding a spare pathogens. To enrich the soil nutrition, it is best to dig to a depth of 10-15 cm stems of fennel, calendula, or marigold.