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How to hang a curtain in the bathroom

The bathroom, as well as throughout the house should be beautiful, clean and comfortable. With the current abundance of finishing materials and plumbing, this room can be easily converted into a work of art, and the curtain for the bathroom put in the interior point.

How to hang a curtain in the bathroom

You will need:

- cornice; - Curtains for the bathroom.

Instruction how to hang the curtain in the bathroom

Step 1:

Use a fairly common variant of modern curtains for baths, which are mounted with the help of wide loops of the same material as the main curtain to the eaves. This curtain is easy to hang and remove, but it will look rather informally. In addition, sometimes the material from which made curtains, slip on the roof with difficulty, so it is difficult to open and close. For these purposes, made special sticks that are hung on the inner edge of the curtain to the eaves. News of the end of the loop is obtained easily stick to one or the other way.

Step 2:

Pay attention to the most expensive and fashionable way of fastening curtains - use for this purpose eyelets. These are large metal (or also used a cheaper option - plastic) ring attached to the edge of the curtain on the rivet type. Eyelets look perfectly in the interior. In addition, they provide excellent sliding curtains on the ledge.

Step 3:

Remember the old method of fixing curtains to the eaves - the hooks of various shapes. On the top edge at the Schork sew small loops of fabric, fine lace, thread or metal. On the ledge hang hooks, for which these loops cling. Such a process is time consuming, moreover, from a sharp sliding the curtain eyelets and then strive to come off from their hooks, and in this case, will have to climb up to fix everything.

Step 4:

Try also hang a curtain in the bathroom on the special clips - so-called "crocodiles". Usually they are fixed by means of one-piece hinges on the ledge, and the shutter is inserted in them on the same principle as underwear hanging on clothespins. This method is easy, too, can not be called, because the shutter is held in a small amount of time, it should not be allowed to hang his full weight on them. We'll have to keep the curtain, at the same time opening his jaws and inserting them into the top edge. An advantage of this method is that the curtain when it is not require any preparation. Of course, it must be hemmed, but does not require any additional sewing ring or loop.