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How to Hang a curtain rod to the ceiling

Fixing curtain poles from the ceiling is not much different from its attachment to the wall, except that is more physically uncomfortable. There are three basic types of mounting ceiling cornices: direct fixation frame with guide grooves on the surface of the ceiling, hanging it on two or three suspensions and installation with brackets of various shapes.

How to Hang a curtain rod to the ceiling

You will need:

- electric drill; - Pobeditovye drill; - Line; - Marker; - a hammer.

Instruction how to hang from the ceiling cornice

Step 1:

Mark the mounting location of the cornice on the ceiling. two sizes should be taken into account: the distance from the wall and its position relative to the center of the window. Distance from the curtains to the protruding parts of the window (the window sill or frame handles) adopted by at least 5 cm Subject to this distance from the wall to the curtains will be L + 5, where L -. The distance from the outermost part of the window to the wall. With multi-row curtains, this parameter defines the position closest to the window curtains.

Step 2:

To determine the location of the cornice of the window opening with respect to mark the center of the window and measure the distance from it equal to the left and right brackets to the placement (or until the end eaves frame, if it is mounted directly to the ceiling). It should be remembered that the brackets should be placed at a distance from the edges of the window openings (300-400 mm). This is to ensure that, when assembled curtains opening the window was fully open.

Step 3:

Attach brackets cornice or frame to the ceiling in the marked position and mark on them the place of drilling holes for mounting screws.

Step 4:

An electric drill with pobeditovym drill holes in the ceiling. The diameter and drilling depth must match the fixture, which is equipped with a cornice. As a rule, it screws with plastic plugs.

Step 5:

Hammer plugs into the holes. Install the brackets and attach with screws or a frame to the ceiling cornice. Depending on the product design in some cases it is necessary to mount bracket assembly with the guide frame, the other - one bracket, and only then attach it to the frame itself.

Step 6:

Sometimes it is necessary to choose the hardware for attaching to the eaves. For example, when pereveshivaniya cornice from one place to another or if you lose the factory hardware. A good option in this case is the use of purchased anchors with internal rezboy.Chtoby attach anchors Drill the appropriate diameter hole, insert them into the holes and hitting the beard or a punch inserted into the anchors rasklinte them in the holes. Because these anchors provide stronger fixation than screws with plugs, the number may be smaller in comparison with the project number of screws