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How to hang on the facade of the dishwasher

The appearance in the house of the dishwasher - the event is definitely worthwhile. But unpacking a novelty, you suddenly discover that it still needs to install: connect to the water supply, sewerage and electrical networks, and possibly hang facade. If the first two operations are best left to the professionals, it is quite possible to establish a facade yourself.

How to hang on the facade of the dishwasher

You will need:

- Furniture panel; - Worktop; - Roulette; - Corresponding accessories; - Screwdriver.

Instruction how to hang on the facade of the dishwasher

Step 1:

There are two options for installing the dishwasher: installation in a ready-made kitchen or set separately. Carport facade is made only in the first case and too much difficulty with this should arise, as all the world's leading manufacturers describe in detail the procedure in the enclosed instructions. For its implementation you will need furniture boards, countertops, roulette, corresponding hardware, screwdriver or screwdriver.

Step 2:

So, first install the dishwasher in the niche prepared for it and with the help of special screws to fix the convenient height. Keep in mind that complete with a fully integrated dishwasher model attached templates with which furniture fronts are attached to the door of the dishwasher.

Step 3:

Secure fasteners into the slots on its body. Then, instead of "native" short screws from the inside of the door, set the harvested over the long bolts with nuts, which can grab furniture facade. It remains quite a bit - priladit handle and other decorative elements (if any) on the facade of the door.

Step 4:

There is another method - a simple, when in order to fix the facade in front of the door bolt installation using double-sided tape. Experts also recommend to connect the power supply use a cable cross section of 1.5 mm and a grounded outlet is not calculated for at least 16 A.

Step 5:

To connect to the water supply is recommended to use an externally threaded valve 25. If you set the dishwasher at a distance from the shell, you'll have to extend the water supply hose.