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How to heat a fireplace

Hot flames, burning in the fireplace, reflections on the crystal glasses, the blissful warmth and comfort, crackling logs. It is true that great? Many dream about that house is heated by live fire. However, it is necessary to heat the fireplace correctly, otherwise it might end in fire.

How to heat a fireplace

You will need:

firewood, wood chips, paper, matches, brush, scraper.

Instruction how to stoke the fireplace

Step 1:

Spend kindling, using materials that are easy to ignite. It can be wood chips or paper. You can use ordinary firewood, splitting off their thin strips with a knife. Never use flammable liquids for kindling.

Step 2:

Make sure that there is traction. To do this, open the valve and bring the camera to a lit fireplace match. If all is well with the thrust, the flame necessarily deviates to the side. If the light does not flicker match, then make sure that the valve is in the open position. Check the chimney - if it is clogged. Problems can occur with prolonged inactivity of the fireplace. Sometimes formed an air pocket, which is necessary to eliminate bring to the chimney lit the paper, rolled into a tube. As the heating of cold air draft is restored.

Step 3:

Use only dry wood furnace. When the pre-kindling using paper and wood chips done, you can put bigger logs. Place them in the form of slides or de lay horizontally. Do not overload the fireplace. The new fuel is enclosed when the previous portion will turn into embers.

Step 4:

If you want to heat with coal fireplace, check whether he has grate. If there is, after kindling fire on the grill, pour coal better than fine. Keep the fire by placing larger pieces of coal.

Step 5:

Regularly remove from the fireplace combustion products. You can do this manually, but it is better to buy a special vacuum cleaner. Meanwhile fireplaces that have a box of ashes, cleaning is required less often. Soot, which is deposited in a flue, require special brushes and scrapers. Before the operation, close the firebox film. Furniture, standing in the room, too, is covered. Clean the front surface of the fireplace from soot by means of soda, turpentine or special detergents.