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How to heat the wooden house

In the old days all the wooden houses stoked Russian stove - awesome, she gave a tremendous amount of heat and heats the whole house. But in modern conditions in such heat as more minuses than pluses. And Russian stove in its heat output can not be compared with the boiler system, air or electric.

How to heat the wooden house

Instruction how to heat the wooden house

Step 1:

When planning to install in your home hot water heating systems, pre-design your room, where there will be the boiler. Choose a pot, based on your capabilities and desires. So double-boiler to buy if you plan to live in the house all year round: this system will allow the heat and the house, and get hot water, and even connect underfloor heating. For the installation of the boiler needs gas. By the way, this system - or rather liquid water may be used not only water. To heat the wooden house, if you do not live in the house constantly, and come from time to time, it is possible to make the heating system in the antifreeze. This way you will avoid the problems associated with water freezing in the radiators in winter.

Step 2:

If the gas is brought to the house is not, consider an option with imported gas, and if it is not suitable, it is possible to install a diesel boiler. Consider here that diesel fuel is quite expensive, and such heating does not cost you cheap. If this option you can not afford to - install heat pumps. Choose their power, depending on what you plan to heat the area. When calculating the power supply is required to make 10-20%, that is guaranteed to not freeze in winter, as well as extend the life of the boiler. Keep in mind that the very setting of the heat pump and other equipment for this type of heating is decent money. But the heat itself, you'll get so much not affect your budget.

Step 3:

Finally, you can just connect the house to the central heating system. This method is most useful in those areas where there is such an opportunity. Its only drawback - to connect to the system, you will need to obtain a special permit from the local authorities, which can seriously tighten the entire process of home heating system equipment.

Step 4:

In addition to designing the heating system, be sure to think through the ventilation system. If the room in the house will not be well ventilated, a large part of the heat will go out of the house. Ventilation ducts easiest to lay under the floor.