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How to improve soil fertility

Agricultural jobs require not only constant hard work, but also the foundations of knowledge. Practically nothing is possible to grow on drained soil, but its fertility can be restored. Improve fertility almost any soil not be easy. Sometimes not even the texture of the soil is important, what they are: suspenchatye, loamy, etc. Important to ensure that the soil was loose and was rich in humus.

How to improve soil fertility

Instruction on how to improve soil fertility

Step 1:

To improve sandy soil types make them in the processing of peat, compost or grass clippings. These components allow the resupply of nutrients in the mail. But remember that this process does not take place quickly, and requires a certain amount of time. To the result was faster in the soil could have something to add to plant turf ground into it. Zagotovte with its pre-fall, peresloiv layers of manure.

Step 2:

Clay soil will improve, making them in sand, manure and peat. If the soil is very difficult to treat - to dig, because of its severity, add the crushed brick, chopped straw or branches. Make such material when digging annually. To clayey soil is not formed crust, makes it difficult for the development of plants, periodically dig it.

Step 3:

The soil improvement is required to use the rotted manure, to the roots of plants do not "burn". Make it in a certain amount, per 1 ha to 10 kg of manure. For clay soils, use horse manure or sheep, it will be expanded, and for sand - pig or cow. Be sure to specify the acidic soil pH tester purchasing.

Step 4:

If the tester will show the increased acidity of the soil, reduce the acidity in the mail making dolomite flour, lime or ashes. Make should be no more than once every 5 years. It can be used as organic and non-organic fertilizer to improve soil fertility.

Step 5:

But if you want to restore soil fertility and obtain from it a crop of environmentally friendly products, use, fertilizing the soil biohumus. Biohumus purchase in a specialty store, or be engaged in its reception in the home, with the help of earthworms using vermicultivation technology.