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How to improve the quality of the TV signal

It is difficult to imagine an apartment without a television, which is very densely entered into our daily lives. Unfortunately, not always the quality of the transmitted image satisfies the user. Therefore there is a need for its improvement.

How to improve the quality of the TV signal

You will need:

- alcohol-based cleaners; - Soldering iron; - A new cable television; - Programs to improve signal quality

Instruction to improve signal quality tv

Step 1:

Explore the TV cable. Its protective layer should not be broken. Very often during the repair work the cable inadvertently hurt. His integrity is violated. Because of this, the quality of the transmitted signal falls significantly. If your cable is very old, then it should be replaced. The fact is that over time the wires begin to lose its chemical and physical characteristics. current conductivity level is reduced. And this entails a decrease in signal. Also avoid unnecessary additional connections. If the cable is too short, you should not do it to increase or insert, so the mating wires may have different cross sections and features. If you do decide to build the cable, it is necessary to solder the connection. Then, the transmitted power loss will be minimal. Also, do not forget to carefully insulate the connection.

Step 2:

Get a powerful receiver. This device allows to connect to the satellite dish significantly improve the quality of the signal. An alternative is the antenna amplifier. Such an amplifier is best to buy a separate power supply, to get a clear signal. It is recommended to connect amplifiers and satellite dish into a power strip. The fact that the constant current minor fluctuations detrimental effect on such devices, and unforeseen leap can not only create noise on the TV screen, but also damage the amplifier and the plate.

Step 3:

Try to change the direction of the aerial or satellite dish. If you receive the signal via an external antenna, you find the nearest location of the television tower in relation to your home. The more you live, the signal easier to reach you. If you live on the lower floors, then ask the neighbors above permission to install its antenna. Try installing the antenna on the side that is closest to the television tower. When connecting carefully check all cables and connections. The plugs on the cables must not be oxidized or contaminated.

Step 4:

Establish special programs to improve the image quality, if you are watching TV channels using a computer. Currently, the Internet in the public domain there are a considerable number of programs that allow you to stabilize and improve the signal. Also, much depends on the TV tuner. Before purchasing this appliance, consult with a specialist. It is better to overpay a silent, but get a good model that will make a great signal.