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How to install a gas installation

For the installation of gas equipment on the car there are many reasons. Gas is much cheaper gasoline, increases turnaround, slowly wear parts. How to convert your car to gas?

How to install a gas installation

Instruction how to install gas installation

Step 1:

Acquire the necessary equipment. You will need a gas cylinder (usually cylindrical), filling valve, multivalve, reducer-evaporator with the necessary hoses, tapping into the carburetor, 2 solenoid switch in the cabin.

Step 2:

Select a location for the gas cylinder. This is usually the trunk or a niche for a spare wheel. Lock cylinder with ribbons, in exactly the same way as the fuel tank is attached.

Step 3:

Output pipe to the filling valve, which is mounted at the bottom of the rear fender or under the bumper.

Step 4:

Remove the stopper from the multivalve, located on the container. According to the rules, the balloon should not be filled by more than 80%, but in practice it is better to control the amount of gas, each time filling a cylinder fixed number, e.g., 55 L strongly.

Step 5:

Pull the bulb from the copper pipe at the bottom of the engine compartment. Select a location for the gas gearbox and connect the main line through the solenoid. Pass through a gearbox coolant via hoses.

Step 6:

Embed in gasoline hose to the solenoid valve carburetor, place the switch in the cabin. In this installation of gas equipment can be regarded as virtually complete.