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How to install electric meter

Installation and commissioning of metering devices is regulated electrical installation regulations and accounting devices. To install the new counter, you must perform a series of actions and execute all documents to enable it to use.

How to install electric meter

You will need:

- application to the energy supply companies; - passport; - Authorization; - The act of commissioning; - A new contract.

Instruction how to install electric meter

Step 1:

Independently to dismantle the old meters and install a new strictly prohibited. Refer to the supplying company statement. In a statement, specify the kind of counter that you want to set - one-tariff, or two-tariff trehtarifny. If you have been issued a determination, to replace or install a new metering device, you still have to write an application and obtain permission from the head of resolution grids.

Step 2:

In this period will come for permission to bring the metering device and you'll be set. You program the new counter, and only then, you can install it. The counter can be set independently, it is not prohibited by the rules, or to invite the masters of the grid.

Step 3:

If you invoked the wizard, you do not have to worry about electricity installation rules. The specialist will perform the entire installation in accordance with the rules and regulations.

Step 4:

With self-compliant installation of electric meters installation rules. Install the unit in an accessible location at a height of not more than 1.70 and not less than 80 cm, as close to the cable entry. All connections are made using special clamps, attach the device to a wooden, plastic or metal plate. The room where the appliance is installed must have a temperature of not less than 0 degrees during the cold season.

Step 5:

After installation of the device, regardless of who carried out the installation, you or an electrician, call the representatives of the department for work with clients. They amount to an act of input device to use.

Step 6:

With this act, and with a passport, contact the department on work with clients and sign a contract for the delivery of and payment for electricity. This must be done even if you already have a contract, as the new treaty will specify the type of the meter and its serial number.