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How to install the room door

Used to set the room door technique involves several stages. Their consistency and accuracy will depend on the life of the door. Therefore, the process should be approached with the utmost seriousness.

How to install the room door

Instruction how to set the room door

Step 1:

Make all the necessary measurements, observing the maximum precision. The width of the door is measured by gender, and height - along the side slope. Compliance with this rule will allow to observe the strict vertical and horizontal. Always consider the possible errors by calculating their calculations. For example, if temporarily absent from the flooring, and the measurements need to spend now, consider the height after installation. Measurements - a very demanding job, wrong - install the door properly in consequence it would be difficult and expensive. Therefore, if you are not confident in their own knowledge, invite experienced experts.

Step 2:

Proceed with the assembly of the box. To set the room door, it is necessary to find out what level of curvature has the floor. For this purpose, use the building level, placing it between the two sides of the opening. The distances may vary, but should not be a discrepancy of more than 5 mm. This is necessary to make the height of the box rack. The assembly is carried out on the most level surface. Align the two posts with a cross bar at 45 degrees to it. The design should be similar to the letter "P". Secure joints with screws. Ready to fix the box opening. At the same rack with loops should be strictly vertical, and a rack with a lock is necessary to orient the porch door leaf respectively.

Step 3:

Process unit with foam. Pre-need to paste over the door leaf masking tape to avoid damage. Now moisten with water the entire perimeter of the doorway and on the same way, apply a thin layer of foam. After about 15 hours for it to dry. You just have to carefully cut the excess with a knife balances.

Step 4:

Make a trim to size and attach them to the sides with a special adhesive or sealant.