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How to install wall bars

Swedish wall - this is a good way to put in a small space apartment trainer for the physical development of the child. In addition to the classic ladder complex may include a ring, swings and other elements.

How to install wall bars

You will need:

Swedish wall, punch, fasteners.

Instruction how to install wall bars

Step 1:

Discover a complete set of your model of the Swedish wall. Read the instructions. Each model has specific requirements in terms of size. Most models are mounted on struts, it is important to choose the place properly.

Step 2:

Check the ceiling. If you are in the flat suspended ceilings, then install the wall will not work. In addition, after you install wall bars around should be enough room to swing on the swing and do the exercises.

Step 3:

Set the vertical guides on the struts. Then insert the horizontal step in the grooves. If you want to additionally attach the ladder to the wall, use a hammer. With it, you quickly drill holes in the wall.

Step 4:

There are wall bars, in which the horizontal rungs are screwed to one side. In this case, you first need to install only one guide. Then gather all the steps and then install a second vertical guide.

Step 5:

If you model, which is attached to the supporting wall, the fastening is usually done in four places by means of bolts and the perforator. In this case, it is also important to choose the right place to install.

Step 6:

You do not fit the walls of plasterboard. For Swedish walls must be concrete or brick base. Make four holes in the wall using the perforator.

Step 7:

Set the vertical guides and secure them with screws. Insert horizontal step in the grooves. All plug-ins are usually attached to the wall bars without too much difficulty.