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How to insulate exterior walls

The walls are constructed of any material, require additional insulation. The most common and effective form of insulation works - it is outside insulation. When quality of mounting external insulation, additional measures for internal wall insulation is not required. There is a huge selection of modern, environmentally friendly and easy to install kinds of materials for thermal insulation works.

How to insulate exterior walls

You will need:

-Mineral wool insulation Planck, rail -montazhnye corners

Instruction how to insulate exterior walls

Step 1:

Mineral artificial heaters the most popular and cheapest kind of materials. They may be in rolls, plates, in the form of sheets, blocks it.d. All kinds of heaters are great for outdoor use and are characterized by a different type of fastening and installation.

Step 2:

All tiled heaters should be firmly glued to each other using a special glue and fastened with dowels. Fixing deeply fixed in the wall, that is to use only enough mounting length.

Step 3:

According to the width of the tile insulation around the perimeter of the building establishes a special metal corner.

Step 4:

Around all the frames and doors additionally mounted area. Tiled insulation cut to size, tight joints, glued and fastened dowel.

Step 5:

The top plate is protected by the adhesive is applied and immediately reinforced mesh to protect the whole insulation and subsequent finishing of the walls.

Step 6:

If the insulation of external walls is made using the insulation foam, between the bearing wall and a warming needs to be fixed layer insulation material in rolls. Fastened it with the help of special plastic strips or thin wooden slats. Only after that is installed wall of the insulation foam of low density. Between the layer of mineral insulation and a warming wall, you can leave the air gap, that will further insulate the exterior walls and prevent the occurrence of condensation.