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How to insulate the foundations in the house

The foundation is the foundation of any building or structure. On it constantly acts as the external environment, and the weight of the building. That is why you need to build the foundation very carefully. For it is not necessary to invest time and money. in time to make a good waterproofing is also necessary. Thus, it will be protected from aggressive influence of many factors.

How to insulate the foundations in the house

Instruction how to insulate the foundation of the house

Step 1:

Many people ask the question - why do we need to insulate the foundations? The fact that destroy the concrete base can be water. Almost all Russian regions, including Moscow and the Moscow region, the soil is more saturated with moisture. During temperature changes, and in the winter, ground water freezes and thaws. The base structure during this period is under heavy load. If you do not insulate and waterproof the foundation, which in the future on the basis of the building will appear cracks.

Step 2:

To problems with the foundation of the house did not arise, must be pre-laid drainage pipes. They assign the groundwater if the soil of the site contains a lot of moisture. It must then be formed drainage layer of sand. It should be more than 1 meter in height. Do it usually during the construction of the foundation. It must be correctly organized ventilation of the underground space. To do this produhi system. After that, apply a quality waterproofing. Putting it should be in layers. Warming houses should be carried out on the perimeter.

Step 3:

The detrimental impact on the foundation of the winter has frozen ground. He begins to swell. The fact that the soil in the summer and autumn period just oversaturated with moisture. After the soil turned to ice, it acts on the pressure build up 10,000 kilograms per square meter. In the spring, when it starts to warm up, problems may occur even more. Due to the fact that the ground is thawing, soil subsidence occurs. Even a thick drainage layer sometimes does not help in this situation. Primer swells, causing a change in the geometry of structures, cracks, warp the door and window frames. If the insulation of the house done qualitatively, the freezing of the foundation will not arise.