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How to insulate wooden entrance door

The owners of wooden entrance doors often suffer from drafts and cold that penetrates into the housing through the cracks. Besides the tree perfectly conveys the sound, which is not always desirable. It will help an additional warming of the door, and it can be done with his own hands.

How to insulate wooden entrance door

You will need:

- leather or leatherette door size based on the allowances of 10-15 cm on each side - foam - building nails (50g) - Furniture nails with a wooden cap (100-150g), - decorative string

Instruction how to insulate the front wooden door

Step 1:

Remove the door from its hinges and lay it on the work surface (stools or table). Remove details that will interfere with: pens, kljucheviny and other protruding parts.

Step 2:

Make the foundation for the rollers, which will block the gap between the door frame and the door. If the door opens outward, cut from the material strip 3 for the roller width of about 14 cm. The length of one strip is the height of the door, the rest of the band equal to the width of the door. If the door opens inwards, cut 4 strips width 14 cm Two lanes equal height of the door, two -. Door width.

Step 3:

Strips of material, attach to the door construction nails on the edges, leaving the side on which the hinges are attached. Door Edge Stick 1.5 cm. If the door opens inwards, attach the strips to the four sides of it.

Step 4:

Take a strip of foam 3 cm wide and wrap it in a leatherette nailed the door at the bottom. It must obtain a roller, which needs to be fixed with nails.

Step 5:

From the material make the canvas size of the door, but do not forget about the allowance of 10 cm on each side. The cloth lay at the door, after putting foam into the remaining, already nailed, the strip of material. Foam should be put under the ground and the door leaf.

Step 6:

Nail construction nails first equity edge of the fabric, and then the bottom, which should be on, and the upper roller is nailed at the bottom. Secure the remaining rollers so that the base web inside took roller. Secure and fabric, but make sure that it is never distorted. The final fix that side, on which hang the loop.

Step 7:

It remains to decorate a door nail Furniture nails on the selected pattern in advance. In addition, it will keep the foam from the mixing down. In the nail head pull decorative string or fishing line. If you decide to give up the picture have simply nail a few nails on the perimeter of the door. Cut a hole for the lock, fasten the handle and hang the door in place.