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How to iron leather goods

Leather goods are very popular. They perfectly retain heat, repel moisture and durable in use. The main thing - the right to care for them, including at smoothing crumpled pieces.

How to iron leather goods

You will need:

- iron; - A clean sheet of paper; - Spray.

Instruction how to iron leather goods

Step 1:

If leather is your favorite thing hesitated, do not rush her to stroke. Skin properties are such that it can be smoothed by itself. Just hang it on a hanger or put on and walk in it for a while. After a certain period of time it will take the desired shape or otvisitsya.

Step 2:

Especially good skin takes its original shape when wet temperature. Hang it on a hanger in a bathroom, where previously include a hot shower or bath typing, and close the door, so that the steam does not come out. But be sure to prevent the possibility of ingress of water droplets.

Step 3:

Especially steam the wrinkled areas of the skin may also be using a hand steamer. Just do not use it too close to the product, otherwise you can ruin it. Sufficient distance - 10-15 cm.

Step 4:

Use iron. If you have small pieces of the same quality leather, iron, first try the effect on them. Some skin can greatly sit down after ironing. In this case it is necessary to reduce the temperature of the iron. And if not pieces, start stroking from the inconspicuous area things, such as the inside of the sleeve.

Step 5:

Turn the product inside out, place it on the ironing board and cover with the top sheet of plain white paper. Lightly sprinkle the paper with water from a spray bottle. Then place not too hot iron on crumpled seat. When smoothing the skin is very important to put the iron, not drive them on fabric. If there is no effect, slightly increase the heating temperature.

Step 6:

Do not use steam when ironing. Here it is necessary to choose something one. If you choose to steam iron, make it a short distance away from the skin.

Step 7:

Refer to the experts. Give the leather product to the dry cleaners, where you not only smooth out well for him, and cleaned. Or, ask for assistance from the sellers at the market of leather items. Very often, they have a special press, which is easily smoothes wrinkled things.