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How to lay the mosaic in the bathroom

Mosaic tiles is quite popular finishing material. Due to its water-repellent properties, it is often used to decorate the bathroom. The process of laying the material is quite time-consuming and complicated. However, if you take to work with full responsibility and to follow the recommendations, it is quite possible to cope on their own.

How to lay the mosaic in the bathroom

You will need:

- mosaic tiles; - Primer; - Adhesive mortar; - Spatula with 5 mm teeth; - Trowel trowel or hammer; - A sponge; - Rubber spatula; - Grouting solution; - A soft dry cloth

Instruction how to lay the mosaic in the bathroom

Step 1:

Before starting work, be sure to prepare the wall. Properly prime with them and straighten all the bumps. If you do not, then they are likely to show up at the mosaic paving and provide you with the additional workload. Wait until the primer is completely dry, and only then proceed to the next stage of the process of laying the mosaic.

Step 2:

To avoid possible errors and reduce the time of laying mosaic, mark the wall surface. For this purpose, according to the picture, lay the matrix sheets on the floor and make all the necessary measurements. Try to be as accurate as possible. After that, according to recent measurements, place a mark on the wall.

Step 3:

Apply to a small section of the wall corresponding to the size of the tiles, and the tiles on the adhesive solution. Do it better with a spatula with 5 mm teeth. Now start to spread mosaic tiles. Try to do it carefully, making sure that the sheets went smoothly. Then, using a special trowel trowel or hammer gently hammer the tile into the surface and align it again. The first rows must be laid as closely as possible, as they will depend on the further installation.

Step 4:

At the end of your tiling leave it for 15-20 minutes to dry the glue well. Dampen a sponge in warm water and good wipe the surface of the paper. Wait until it is saturated with water, and took the paper over the edge, gently try to remove it. If at first you do not succeed, repeat the wetting procedure again. After that, be sure to check all joints and if necessary align them until the glue has dried completely.

Step 5:

After 2 days, proceed to the grout. Take a rubber spatula and start uniformly at an angle of 45 degrees applied to the surface of the tile grouting solution. Leave for about 1 hour and then remove the excess grout diagonal movements. At the end rub the mosaic tiles with a dry cloth first, and then with a damp sponge. Leave for 15 minutes and polish the tiles to a shine with a soft cloth.