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How to lay the wire on the wall

If you do not want to wire underfoot and prevented walk, run wire through the wall. Qualitatively made wiring - a pledge not only a good repair, but also your safety.

How to lay the wire on the wall

You will need:

- cable channels; - Screws; - Nails; - a hammer; - Gvozdeva staples; - Plug-collars; - Drill or a hammer; - Plaster.

Instruction how to lay the wire on the wall

Step 1:

The easiest way - to use the cable for attachment to the wall special plastic clips, staples Gvozdeva. First thread the cable into the bracket, and then nailed to the wall, at the same time except the staples you just need a hammer. This method is not suitable for concrete and brick walls as hammer a nail into them is impossible.

Step 2:

If you are not so important aesthetics, but speed is important and reliability, mount the wire via plug-collars, they are nylon loops at the ends of corrugated. Just drill a hole in the wall of the right diameter, one or more Thread the wire into a loop and insert the ends into the hole until it stops.

Step 3:

To be able at any time to remove the wire, use a metal bracket to attach them to the wall with screws or dowels, nails. Then just Thread the wire into the bracket and lock it.

Step 4:

If you want to hide the cable, use the cable channel. Gently beat him along the wall, holding up the ceiling, or go down to the floor (if you have children or pets, pick up the best cable on top).

Step 5:

To fix the box on the wall using screws, spinning them with a screwdriver or a normal screwdriver. Before starting work, to not screw slipped, tamp nail holes equally spaced throughout the length of the cable channel.

Step 6:

In those places where difficult to tighten the screw, hammer nails, using Cernau or any improvised means, able to act in his capacity. Once the box is checked, attach a cable and close the cover.

Step 7:

The best and safest way to lay cable along the wall - put it under a layer of plaster. Take a drill or a hammer and prodolbite furrow in the wall in the right direction. Try to accurately calculate in advance the necessary work directions.

Step 8:

Secure the cable inside the nail groove, to drive them into the mortar between the bricks. strengthen fixation alabaster solution if necessary. To be able to control the position of the wires, place them inside the corrugated pipe.

Step 9:

After all the wires are in place, close the furrow plaster solution, prime with, and close zashpatlyuyte finishing - wallpaper, tiles, plasterboard, etc.