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How to make a cooling pad

If your laptop gets very hot and burn the knees, fingers and a table, then this must be combated urgently. Not many people know that the cooling pad can be created with their own hands. It will take quite a bit of time.

How to make a cooling pad

You will need:

- old DVD-player; - 4 of the cooler; - Screwdriver; - An awl; - Two white The LEDs.

Instruction how to make a cooling pad

Step 1:

Remove your player from all the excess, leaving only one body (or rather its cover). Top surface must be clean, so you need to remove any stickers available here. To do this, heat the surface of the hair dryer and gently pull the edge of the sticker. May remain on the surface of the adhesive. Remove it with acetone or nail polish remover.

Step 2:

Make the layout of holes on the lid of a cooler. 4 Prepare the cooling fan, you can take them out of the old computer system unit or cheap to buy in the nearest thrift store. Pre-set your laptop on the cover and hold it while it is running 15 minutes. This will help determine the most becomes hot zone.

Step 3:

Take the drill, pick up a suitable drill, begin drilling holes for fastening the cooler. Then be engaged in holes beneath their blades. Clean the inside of the body from irregularities by a set of small files.

Step 4:

Put into the body decorative illumination. To do this you need two white LEDs that can be removed, for example, used to stand old DVD-player. Heat the awl on the gas and do in case the required number of holes.

Step 5:

Install the cooler, connect the contacts and place the finished design on the table. Apply power and test the performance of your stand.