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How to make a frame for bath

Log cabin for the bath to make your own hands is not only possible, but not too hard. All you need to do - it is at least the minimum skills of a carpenter, skilled hands, high-quality tools and detailed instructions.

How to make a frame for bath

Instruction how to make a frame for bath

Step 1:

Log cabin for the bath can be done and of the timber, and from logs. We invite you to stop at the first option, especially if you are new in this business. It should be noted that the framework for a bath can be done on the spot, in contrast to the aforementioned log of logs.

Step 2:

Grading of timber. After a long storage timber grading required. In this case you should definitely pay attention to the fact that in the rod was not deep cracks (equal to its half). Pay attention to the lack of need for clear signs of rot on the surface and the ends of the timber. Also, do not use for construction timber, which is clearly visible wormholes. The surface of the timber should be as smooth - do not use brusya- "screws".

Step 3:

Bookmark bar, a further blow. Spread 25-30 cm on the surface of the thin slats foundation and start stacking timber directly on them. Reiki is needed to beam does not touch the concrete, it is so it will last longer. Before joining the boards, not too lazy to check the horizontal surface of the first crown - he is decisive. Further installation is easier, however, horizontality is still worth checking regularly.