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How to make a furnace for the sauna

Based ultra-effective methods of healing the body, such as thermotherapy and cryotherapy, put centuries of observations of changes in people's well-being after a visit to the sauna or steam bath, which is usually built on the banks of a river or pond. But it was the oven in these areas play a key role.

How to make a furnace for the sauna

You will need:

- iron barrel with a capacity of 200 liters, - brick - 100 pcs., - clay - sand - water.

Instruction how to make a furnace for the sauna

Step 1:

A simple stove for a sauna, which is periodically heat thoroughly, can be made of ordinary metal barrel without a bottom. Despite the simplicity of the design, it has a high coefficient of heat heats the room, and within half an hour. This consumes a minimal amount of wood, about two kilograms.

Step 2:

Prior to the construction of the furnace in the sauna, choose a place for it, which must be in the immediate vicinity of the entrance of the room, facing the window.

Step 3:

In the first stage of the hearth lay four crown - the base for the stove. For this method of laying a solid brick with clay mortar Put two bricks laying along and one - side to side, so as to obtain a masonry width 62 cm at the same time to lift the six rows of the firebox, which then cover the grill of thick metal bars.. The lower part of the firebox grate shut and focus on the top, set the metal barrel.

Step 4:

Inside the slide lining of the furnace, that is, cover with protective lining the inner surface of the barrel from the effects of high temperatures. Lining should be carried to a height of 50 cm. To do this, two bricks inside the barrel vertically "on edge", then obmazhte refractory clay.

Step 5:

Barrel two-thirds fill densely packed stones. Then, to the same insert chimney pipe diameters up to 150 mm, after which the container is filled with stones to the top. Hot gases pass through brickwork and giving heat and warming it, go back to the hood.

Step 6:

It is advisable to cover the barrel with stones cover with wooden handle. This measure will prevent the transmission of smoke and carbon monoxide in the sauna. During evaporation in the sauna to increase the temperature of the ambient air cap is removed, and the water heater is sprayed from the scoop, whereupon it is closed again.