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How to make a heat exchanger

Heat Exchanger - is a common battery, in which the heat transfer occurs from hot to cold medium. There are several types of heat exchangers: water, air-water, high-temperature gas, and other types.

How to make a heat exchanger

Instruction how to make a heat exchanger

Step 1:

Take a long metal tube and make a spiral of it, put it in a container, which pour hot water. Let the pipe that needs to be heated. In order to cool down - pour cold water into the tank and through the pipe is empty, then that should be cool. For greater efficiency, use copper pipes. You can also buy in-store radio radiators, which are then attached to the tube. For air cooling pipe should be fixed instead of conventional fans and water tank.

Step 2:

Take a water pipe and collect her from tube heat exchangers, put them in a wooden cabinet that fabricate plywood thickness 6mm. Then insulate the construction of mineral wool or foam. Thereby obtain a solar cell, a heat exchanger which absorbs the energy of sunlight, and thereby heats the water accumulates. Its principle is based on the thermal convection. Such a system can provide hot water at night and heat a small room.

Step 3:

Take a sheet of heat absorption, two-inch pipe, which is made from a rectangular frame, 12 1/2 inch diameter pipe to connect with a rectangular frame and solar panels and weld. Heat solar cells attach to the leaf color and black ink. Housing Manufacture from boards.