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How to make a heating boiler

Quite simply, you can make a wood-burning boiler of the usual gas. The present invention has come to us from Ukraine. They did this in the boiler due to problems with the gas. Now, it is often used in Russia.

How to make a heating boiler

Instruction how to make the heating boiler

Step 1:

Quite a lot of the owners of villas and private houses fired with them using stoves with low efficiency. It is a wood-burning boiler can save a pretty good money, because they have higher efficiency several times. Modern stoves have low efficiency. As a result, a large part of the heat goes into the pipe. Using such modern units is simply unreasonable. It is worth noting, old Russian oven was much more efficient than today's.

Step 2:

That's why people decided to make a homemade wood-fired boiler. When shipped from the factory should not have problems. boiler scheme is quite simple. It has similarities with the circuit of the engine, which is a big barrel of water on the wheels. Inside the water passes the tube through which comes out hot air from the furnace. Pipes are long, so most of the heat from the furnace is given to water. This is the secret of the high efficiency.

Step 3:

Likewise made Zhukovskiye boilers AGV, AOGV and others. They are a barrel of water, which are tubes. Through these pipes is hot air from a small furnace. It burns gas. During operation, air is strongly heats the water. On threaded pipe radiators to distribute heat throughout the house. As a result, the sense of the water system is to make savings on heating.

Step 4:

At present, many engaged in the conversion of gas-fired boilers in the well-forgotten new wood heating companies. They make the boilers, which has expanded the space of the gas burner. It is possible to put the wood. The other construction is not subjected to upgrading.