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How to make a lawn at the cottage

Lawn - element of landscape design that is able to decorate probably any country site. We can not say that the device is a good lawn - it is five minutes, but the result is worth the effort.

How to make a lawn at the cottage

You will need:

- "Roundup"; - Sand; - peat; - A complex mineral fertilizer; - Garden rink; - A mixture of seeds of lawn grass; - Mower.

Instruction how to make a lawn at the cottage

Step 1:

First of all need to select the location for the future lawn. It is advisable to allocate to him lit area with a barely noticeable slope to the lawn does not stagnate water.

Step 2:

Destroy weeds at the site designated under the lawn. In order to do this, it is usually recommended to use herbicide "Roundup" rate of five liters of drug per hundred square meters. Remove the soil from the roots of perennial weeds.

Step 3:

Four weeks after the application of the herbicide can dig ground. If your site clay soil before digging into the ground make the sand at the rate of ten kilos of sand per square meter. On a square meter of sandy soil should be made to four kilos of peat. Regardless of the type of soil fill twenty grams of complex mineral fertilizer per square meter, the future lawn.

Step 4:

Arrange the drain hole. To do this, dig a square pit with a side of not less than forty-five centimeters. The depth of it must be sixty centimeters. Fill the hole with large rocks. the layer thickness of the stones must be forty centimeters. sprinkle on top of the stones of ten centimeters of sand and fertile soil. Tamp the contents of the pit.

Step 5:

Prepared land fallow is recommended to stand for a month. During this time it will have time to hatch weeds that you are unable to destroy. When this happens, loosen the soil, remove the remaining stones, roots, lumps break ground.

Step 6:

Roll on the ground a heavy garden roller and leave it alone for a couple of weeks. During this time, the soil may sag in some places, but somewhere reappear indestructible weeds.

Step 7:

After two weeks, remove the weeds, backfill soil in places where it slipped, roll on it and pour. On square meter of lawn will need to pour at least ten liters of water.

Step 8:

One day a little rake to loosen the earth and finally sow grass mixture at the rate of fifty grams of seeds per square meter lawn. Herbs should be chosen, taking into account the climatic features of the terrain and the appointment of the lawn. There are ready-made mixtures of lawn grasses. Sowing grass is best in calm weather, pre-mixing the seeds with an equal amount of sand. After planting a garden roller roll on the lawn, and in the evening drizzle. In the hose for watering wear fishnet and do not use a strong water pressure, so the lawn did not appear gullies.

Step 9:

In dry weather water the lawn will have to once a day. The first time the grass is recommended to mow when it will grow fifteen centimeters. Cut the grass to a height of six centimeters. If the lawn seyalsya fall, better to postpone mowing until the spring, when the grass grows by ten centimeters. Grass clippings should be returned to the lawn.

Step 10:

Each spring sow the seeds of lawn grass if necessary in areas where turf has been damaged.