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How to make a lilac

Lilac - a beautiful shrub with wonderful colors. Rarely meet infield without this beautiful plant. Most double and valuable varieties of lilacs can be obtained by grafting, propagation and multiplication of layering. With all the ways to be followed certain agricultural techniques of cultivation.

How to make a lilac

You will need:

-pots -pitatelnaya mixture -Family -cherenki -otvodki

Instruction how to make a lilac

Step 1:

To grow the lilacs using propagation by cuttings must be the mother bush to plant in a pot and store in the basement or a heated greenhouse at a temperature of from 0 to 2 degrees Celsius. In December, the pot is made in a room with a temperature of 15-17 degrees. As soon as the white pith, make the cut-off of cuttings.

Step 2:

In the first year cuttings are planted under the shelter, and maintained at a temperature of 25 degrees for the emergence of the root system. Before the onset of frost cuttings are transplanted into a pot and stored in the basement.

Step 3:

In the second year the plant can be transplanted to a permanent place in the open field.

Step 4:

To get a lilac breeding layering should be the mother bush crop for 2 years prior to the root neck. This should be done before the onset of sustained freezing.

Step 5:

In the third year formed the shoots should be lowered into the prepared ditch and covered with earth 15 cm. After rooting around the beginning of autumn, the plants are separated and seated.

Step 6:

For breeding lilacs vaccination and obtain the most valuable varieties, it is necessary to instill varietal handle simple lilac.

Step 7:

Seeds collected in the last month of autumn and immediately inoculated into fertile soil.

Step 8:

After emergence swordplay made at a distance of 15-20 cm.

Step 9:

With the advent of sustainable heat seedlings planted in a temporary place in the open ground. In autumn the plants are transplanted into pots and kept in the basement.

Step 10:

In the second year the lilacs planted in a permanent place.

Step 11:

Lilac is possible not only to propagate their own, but also to buy in nurseries, which presents the most beautiful varieties. Seedlings are sold in ready condition, 2 Summer. They immediately planted in a permanent place in the open ground.